Here's a little of what Hayley's done so far...

From highlighting animal cruelty concerns to finding the world's oldest cat, Hayley knows a good animal story when she sees one. He's a small sample of what she's done in her news journalism career...


Hayley said: "It's safe to say there are plenty of big issues in the animal world, and during my career I have gained lots of experience covering a great deal of them. 

"From an animal cruelty court case where a man stood accused of killing one of the Queen's swans, to fox hunting ban breaches and cruelty concerns at a safari park, I do not shy away from the hard news.

"If you have an animal issue that you feel at your wit's end about, I will be able to advise on how best to tackle the situation in the media, and how best to maximise all the information and resources available."

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Working with vets 

Hayley said: "Whenever I have started a new job in news I have always contacted the local animal charities and vet practices. 

"People love to read about animals, and the work that these organisations and businesses do is very important. Sometimes the people I have contacted haven't realised that their work is newsworthy, but they should be singing about their achievements."

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Pictures and funnies... 

Hayley said: "Everybody loves a funny cat video don't they, and over the years I've found out that plenty of celebrities like animals too!

"Sometimes simply an image is a story begging to be told, if you are not sure how to do that get in touch, and I'll be sure to help you maximise its potential either locally or nationally."

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