Why pick us? 

At The Animal News Agency we have three rules. 


They are: 

1. Be fair - we will never say something and not do it, and we will always put the animal's interests first.

We are not seeking to exploit anyone, only to promote good work, important issues and unusual situations in the most effective way.  

2. Be honest - we have a fair and competitive system of charging and reimbursing for stories which we receive money for from newspapers.

We will always be honest about what we think a story can do, and won't charge you to work on anything that we don't think can do well.

Sometimes it will, sometimes it won't, but we will always be honest and keep you updated. 

3. Be kind - we aim to be fun to work with, and we love animals as much as you do.

This underpins everything that we do. 

The Animal News Agency offers a range of PR and agency services which are carefully tailored to the individual client.

To find out more and for rates give Hayley a call for an initial consultation. 

Call 07817134998 and leave a message for a call back. 

Hayley O'Keeffe does not accept any money for stories which appear in newspapers she is currently contracted to work for.