About us

The Animal News Agency was started by national and regional news and music journalist Hayley O'Keeffe, with a view to helping people with a great animal story or venture get as much publicity as possible. 

She said: 

"I have 20 years experience in journalism, and a great range of contacts within regional and national media.

"I will be able to advise you on how best to proceed when that great story or video comes along, and write the story or press release for you to make sure that it ticks every box that an editor is looking for. 

"The Animal News Agency is an ethical operation and we will not pressure you, rates will be fair, and you may even make a bit of money if your story goes national! 

"We do not deal in any story where the rights of the animal are compromised, but we do love a funny picture or video too. 


"If you run a vets there will also be a wealth of brilliant stories which could get you some great publicity for the practice, highlighting the important work you do within your community."

“We have worked with Hayley over many years bringing to life the good news and stories about our clients and their pets. 

"Hayley is a consummate professional and patent animal lover. She quickly grasps the importance of the story and the salient purpose of the piece. 

"We would recommend her as the go-to journalist for any veterinary surgeon with a pet story."

Dr Magdalena Doherty DVM MRCVS PgC GP Cert (SAM)