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Our bespoke animal PR service offers unrivalled expertise for small and medium brands or companies in getting your message across to the people that matter.


With varied levels of subscription we can navigate anything from writing press releases for local media to organising multimedia campaigns that aim to see your message on the biggest platforms in the world. 


We proactively search for clients who we feel could benefit from our service - often having several ideas for exciting campaigns.


With complete out-of-the-box thinking and decades worth of journalistic knowledge, we aim to get to know your business as well as you do, and pitch ideas we know will get editors attention.


Every client on our exclusive list has received excellent national and local coverage with work and rates tailored specifically for their project.


Scott Learmouth

co-founder of Bone Idol

"We love working with
The Animal News Agency, and since getting PR, sales have definitely improved. 

The Animal News Agency is effective, and the fact that it is a specialist company means we benefit from the contacts made for all clients."

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