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The Animal News Agency publishes content on behalf of contributors all over the globe. We specialise in animal content, and because of this have grown fantastic relationships with publishers looking to showcase content from the animal kingdom. No other agency is dedicated to animal stories in the way that we are, and that is evident in our results. 

With over a decade of experience in connecting copyright holders to some of the biggest media platforms in the world, we are determined to get your story, picture or video on the world stage.


Animal News Agency is not a stock agency - far from it!

We look for truly amazing content that we can write a story around, turning individual pictures or videos into fully developed stories, ready to be published on multiple paid platforms and publications. Contributors are sent monthly, easy to read sales reports and are kept up to date on where their content is appearing.


We also boast higher fees than other agencies, offering 60% profit share.

Here are just some of the publications and platforms we publish on, from all around the world: The New York Post, The Guardian, Daily Mail, The Sun, Good Morning America, USA today, National Geographic, The Times, BBC Wildlife Magazine, Stern, View, Bild and many, many more.


Paul Williams
wildlife photographer

"Animal News Agency makes sure your images get pushed out as wide as they can.

You are kept updated, and the agency is very well connected.

If anyone can give your images coverage in local, national and international media it's Animal News Agency as far as I'm concerned."

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